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1. Patient Intake and Hormone profile

Take our FREE Hormone Profile:  This short questionnaire will provide us with an idea of which hormones you may be deficient in when considering the potential treatments.  Next you will need to complete the patient intake form (which will take about 30-45 minutes).

2. Scheduling your 45-minute consultation

Once the patient intake form is complete, you can schedule your 45-minute nurse practitioner chat consultation.  The nurse practitioner will discuss the intake form, get a good history of your health, and discuss which hormone test will be best, or if necessary.  If you have any questions you may request a FREE 10-minute consultation with the nurse practitioner.  Please contact via email.

3. Hormone Testing

During the MenoChat the nurse practitioner will determine if a non-invasive saliva test, with a pre-paid UPS pouch will be needed.  The hormone testing process will be explained by the nurse practitioner, but will also have a 1-800-number for the company if you have any questions.

4. Nurse practitioner chat consultation

Once the nurse practitioner receives the results of the hormone testing, one of the Patient Care Specialists will contact you to schedule a 15-minute chat consultation.  The 15-minute telecommunication consultation will include the recommended hormone therapy treatment plan.

5. Prescription

After the 15-minute consultation, the nurse practitioner will contact the pharmacy for any needed prescriptions.  It is important to note that there are certain rules of which needs to be followed for nurse practitioners, which varies state-to-state.  Currently the nurse practitioner is able to legally call in prescriptions if you are currently residing in New Mexico and Texas.  All other states are either pending or unable to provide you a prescription.  In this case the nurse practitioner may provide you with an exact prescription, of which you would need to provide to your primary care provider for a prescription.  If you have any questions which states are still pending, please contact us.

6. Follow up appointment

Once you begin your therapy, it is important to follow up in 3 months.  At this time if you are not satisfied with your treatment, adjustments can be made.

Please know that everyone at MenoChat is grateful to have the opportunity to assist you in your hormone therapy needs.